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 Cave Poseidonov Grad

POSEIDON is our favorite dive site in Montenegro. It is a complex of underwater caves and tunnels  located between cape Veslo and Arza fortification. This is a drift dive not because of sea currents but because of the distance between a starting and ending point. Dive can last about 45 minutes  passing a reef walls , gorgeous tunnel, ending into a shore cave with an air pocket inside .

•    Diving into Posejdonov Grad is permitted for all certified divers 
•    It is recommended to mark the dive site with a diving buoys, surface support is required.
•    Maximum depth is 15 m.
•    Water temperature varies from 15°C to 25°C.
•    Sea currents are negligible and the visibility is good, ranging from 10 to 20 m.
•    It is recommended to use a wet suit 5-7 mm
•    Use of an underwater lamp is obligatory.

What is included and what is the price of a dive?

•    Free transportation from your place of residence to the Dive Center and back (valid for Budva and Petrovac areas).
•    Boat transport.
•    Tank + weight belt.
•    Dive guide.
Price of a dive at Poseidonov Grad varies between €25 and €45 and depends on the number of present divers.

number of divers
price of the dive


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