Two Reef dives + SCUBA equipment + boat trip = 60e per person.

On this half-day trip you'll enjoy diving two beautiful reef dives plus boat excursion around St. Nikola Island . Reef's PYRAMID and Tunnels are beginners friendly dive site's  with very interesting underwater topography. 

About this activity

  • ⏱   Duration 4 hours.
  • 🎮  Level  Beginners.
  • 🛳   Limited number of Divers up to 6 participants.
  • 🇬🇧   English speaking guide.

Experience highlights  

Dive Trip description and schedule  

This 1\2 day Dive trip can be done as a morning  (from 9 a.m  - 1 p.m.)  or an evening tour  (from 3 p.m. - sunset  ) Both of dive sites we are going to visit are  located on outer side of St. Nikola Island

First dive site the PYRAMID is just 10 minutes boat driving far from our diving centre. It is very dynamic and interesting dive for both beginners and more experienced divers. The dive usually last about 35 minutes. 

After 40 minutes long surface interval we are ready for our second dive adventure visiting Reef Tunnels. This dive site represents small peninsula with two integrated horizontal tunnels. It is an easy and shallow dive with maximum depth of 12m. 

Dive Trip to St. Nikola Island  is intended for all certified divers.


  •                     Full set of SCUBA  equipment 
  •                     Boat transportation  
  •                     Dive guide services 

You should bring

  •                     Hat, swim suit, towel, sun cream, bottled water 
  •                     Good mood and perhaps some good jokes 😂😂😂

Why you should do this trip???

Dive Trip to St. Nikola Island  is FAN , it saves your time and money and it is completely beginners friendly activity. Besides diving you'll enjoy a boat tour visiting beautiful Island of St. Nikola. This trip is going to be supported by PADI professionals paying attention about each participant personally.

Dive Trip to St. Nikola Island cost is 60 eur  per person

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