• The package take you from a complete beginner to the PADI Divemaster  level in just 3 weeks.
  • FROM ZERO TO DIVEMASTER training package contains  5 PADI courses.
  • Benefits  and  price of the package.



Our training program package FROM ZERO TO DIVEMASTER provides you with the opportunity to become diving professional in just 3 weeks.  The program take you from a complete beginner to the PADI Divemaster  level. You are going to learn, experience diving and get certified.


Why to choose FROM ZERO TO DIVEMASTER  ???

You are looking for job??? As a PADI Divemaster it is easy . Diving Industry is looking for capable professionals all over the world.  Cruise ships, Dive Centers, diving shops can be  your future working places. Finally you can start to earn money by doing the job you love.

montenegro diving
montenegro diving


Spent your whole lifetime looking for something new????
FROM ZERO TO DIVEMASTER  training package is the chance to change your boring life and do something different . SCUBA diving is a lifestyle and provides you opportunity to visit world famous dive sites and meet new and happy people.


What will you learn???

FROM ZERO TO DIVEMASTER is very intensive  training package and contains  5 courses:

All courses are in line with PADI diving standards.



Available for everyone who has reached the age of the majority.
Be in good mental and physical condition.


montenegro diving
montenegro diving



FROM ZERO TO DIVEMASTER training package last only 3 weeks.


Benefits of the package

  • This program is in line with PADI diving standards.
  • To enroll you need no previous diving experience.
  • The package contains 5 courses and  last only 3 weeks.
  • In the end of the program you are going to be skilled , capable and certified PADI Divemaster professional .
  • As an certified PADI Divemaster you can easily find a job in diving Industry .
  • You can change your life, meet new friends and visit most beautiful places on earth.


What is included and what  is the price of package?

  • Use of SCUBA gear during the training programs.
  • Use of all necessary PADI diving materials.
  • PADI certificates for all 5 courses.

Price of  FROM ZERO TO DIVEMASTER training package is 1300e.


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