You love SCUBA diving and you are looking for a job in diving Industry??


Join our  Divemaster internship program and become PADI professional  Divemaster in just one month. You can start from ZERO and  gain  all experience you need - learning, practicing and teaching SCUBA diving. During your training , step by step, in real  circumstances you are going to act in different  roles in three phases of your training :   LEARNING   ,   PRACTICE     and     TEACHING. 

Through the knowledge development , water skills exercises and workshops you are going to become PADI Divemaster capable to organize and direct a variety of SCUBA diving activities.


 divemaster internship pro diving montenegro



To participate in our PADI Divemaster internship program you have to be :  

  1. At list 18 years old.   
  2. In good health and physically fit for scuba diving.  
  3. We prefer if you are friendly , responsible and dedicated person.


divemaster internship pro diving montenegro


Duration of PADI Divemaster internship.
Starting from ZERO with no previous  SCUBA diving experience you can successfully finish your training in just one month (30 days).


What is included and the internship price ? 

The Divemaster internship at Pro Diving Montenegro includes the following:   

  1. Free accommodation + 2 meals per day.
  2. PADI certificates (OWD, AOWD, EFR, RD,DM)
  3. PADI materials needed for your course including the Divemaster Crew Pack..
  4. Unlimited diving during your internship.
  5. PADI application fees for the Divemaster course.
  6. Use of SCUBA equipment during your training.

PADI Divemaster internship price is 1.200,00 eur.

Book Now

When you can start and how you can  book your  PADI Divemaster internship??
The PADI Divemaster internship in Montenegro has a really flexible schedule.  You can start any day you like during our 5 month long diving season from first of May until the end of September. Before you start your internship you need to make sure that you meet the prerequisites for the course.For any further information please be free to contact us via email.

SCUBA with Pro Diving Montenegro is Safe and Fun!