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ACTIVE MONTENEGRO is a holiday package offer made for all water sport fans. The package combines top three outdoor sport activities in Montenegro: SCUBA diving, Canyoning and Rafting. ACTIVE MONTENEGRO leads you to the very best 8 dive sites in our country, you'll descend through the  canyon of   Medjurjec and  finally you'll rafting the beautiful Tara River . 

Diving trips  -  are suitable for both beginners and more experienced  divers. Only with us you can visit the very best 8  dive sites in Montenegro : shipwrecks Tihany  and Patrol Boat, Twin Caves , Blue CavernPoseidon Cave , Reef Tunnels , Pyramid and The Tunnel.


  • 8 Diving trips .
  • Use of SCUBA equipment.
  • Instructor and guide services .
  • Car and boat transfer.

Note - Diving beginners can use the diving package with an addition of OWD or AOWD course.


Depending of what diving level you are the program  can be done in 2 - 6 days. 


Lately Canyoning is one of the top outdoor activities in Montenegro as it combines hiking in a wild landscape, swimming in a river and descending waterfall cliffs. Before you experience 8 waterfalls , cliff jumping and 4 hours of full adrenaline descending through the canyon of Medjurjec you have to master basic techniques of rappelling . This is a moderate and beginner friendly adventure intended for users with no previous canyoning experience.

Canyoning daily tour includes : 

  • Instructions on abseiling techniques according to ICO pro International Canyoning standards.
  • Use of wet  suite, canyoning shoes + full set of Personal Protection Equipment  ( helmet, harness and other technical gear).
  • Supervision by professional ICO pro guide and assistant.
  • Descending through the canyon .
  • Car transfer .

The tour is Suitable for canyoning beginners older than 14 years  in good health and able to swim.

Duration is one day.

Rafting tour

Tara rafting tour is a MUST TO . You'll see the deepest and the most beautiful canyon in Europe. The nature you'll meet is outstanding and almost intact . Rafting tour is also a beginner friendly experience suitable for participants older than 9 years.

Rafting tour includes : 

  • Car transfer 
  • Use of Rafting equipment.
  • Breakfast and lunch.
  • Rafting guide services.


Duration - This is a whole day trip and last about 12 h in total  


day1 Diving Galiola+Tunnels 9 am 3-4 hours
day2 Diving Tihany+Patrolac 8 am 5-7 hours
day3 Diving Krekavica+Slatka pecina 9 am 4-5 hours
day4 Diving Sirena Hole+Poseidonov grad 8 am 5-7 hours
day5 Canyoning Medjurjec 8 am 8-10 hours
day6 Rafting Tara river 6 am 10-12 hours



What is included in ACTIVE MONTENEGRO package???

  • Airport transfer.
  • 8 SCUBA diving trips + boat transfer.  + use of SCUBA equipment + diving guide services.
  • Canyoning daily trip : car transfer, use of canyoning equipment, instructions on abseiling techniques , canyoning guide services.
  • Rafting tour : car transfer, rafting equipment, rafting guide, breakfast and lunch.


Duration of the package.

Minimum duration of the package is 4 days : 2 diving days  + canyoning day + rafting day. 

Why to choose ACTIVE MONTENEGRO package???

  • The package is going to take you to the best surface and underwater sites in Montenegro.
  • You are going to learn and experience Canyoning and Rafting activities.
  • Any type of Providers are experienced and internationally certified professionals.
  • This is very dynamic, safe and beginner friendly active holiday offer.


ACTIVE Montenegro cost is 650e 

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Note - The price doesn't include OWD or AOWD training costs.