Dive site shipwreck Skenderbeg 

Besides diving this trip is also about the beautiful nature you'll meet traveling around the Lake. The excursion highlight and our final target  is the dive site Skenderbeg located near the small village called  Karuc

About this activity

  • ⏱   Duration 8 hours.
  • 🎮  Level  OWD certified divers. 
  • 🛳   Limited number of Divers up to 6 participants.
  • 🇬🇧   English speaking guide.

Experience highlights  

Dive Trip description and schedule  

The excursion starts at 9 am at Pro Dive Hydrotech dive centre. Gear up and car loading up to 9:30 am. Our trip to the place Karuc last about 1h and 30 minutes. Wooden lake boat is going to take us to the dive site Skenderbeg which is just 10 minutes far from Karuc. The dive last something about 40 minutes.Back to the shore and it is a lunch time. After tasting a local food and drinks  we will take for a short boat trip in the area of Karuc . Our trip ends at 5 pm.

Dive site description 

Skenderbeg was a passenger steamer built in Trieste in Italy in 1916. For almost three decades Skenderbeg was carrying passengers and food on a daily route from Rijeka crnojevica to Skadar port in Albania. During the WW2 on 12 February 1942 in the area of Karuc Skenderbeg was deliberately submerged by Montenegrin partisans.

The steamer lies on sandy bottom with a maximum depth of 12 m. It is one peace wreck , very well preserved and suitable for all certified divers. Penetration into the wreck is possible but only for Wreck  specialty certified divers.  Dive site is not marked so it is necessary to establish the reference line. 


  •   Full set of SCUBA  equipment 
  •   Car and boat transportation  
  •   Dive guide services 
  •   Lunch

You should bring 

  •  Hat, swim suit, towel, sun cream, bottled water.
  •  Good mood and perhaps some good jokes 😂😂😂.

Why you should do this trip???

We provide this trip only in certain occasions. For example if we have a rough sea conditions or just because some of our clients is a wreck addicted. No matter what is the reason we recommend the trip because the Lake beauty is stunning. To be completely honest dive conditions are not great due to poor visibility and water temperature BUT the Skenderbeg is something not to miss. 

 wreck diving in Montenegro -wreck Skenderbeg

 Dive Trip to Skadar Lake  cost is 150 eur  per person 

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