Visit the best 8 dive sites in Montenegro

TOP 8 is a dive package which consists 4 dive trips visiting 8 different dive sites. The selection we made is based on our 20 years long experience and it is appreciated and loved by our customers.

About this activity

  • ⏱   Duration minimum 2 days.
  • 🎮  Level Beginners.
  • 🛳   Limited number of divers up to 6 participants.
  • 🇬🇧   English speaking guide.

Experience highlights 

Day trip description and schedule  

TOP 8 dive package leads you to the 8 best dive sites in Montenegro and it is suitable for both beginners and more experienced divers. Depending what level you are the package can last 2 - 5 days . Diving beginners can use the package with an addition of OWD and AOWD training programs. 

To use the package we have three possible options:

  1. If you are an AOWD certified diver than you have unconditional access to the package.
  2. If you are an OWD certified diver  than you can use the package with an addition of AOWD course.
  3. If you are just a beginner than you can use the package with an addition of OWD and AOWD trainings.


  • SCUBA diving equipment
  • Boat transportation 
  • SCUBA guide
  • Optional   OWD , AOWD training 

 You should bring       

  •  Hat, swim suit , sun cream, towel 
  •  Some good joke 😂😂😂

Why you should use the package ??? 

TOP 8 leads you to the very best 8 dive sites in Montenegro. The package can be done in 2 - 5 days. If you are less experience than you can combine the package with a dive training programs like OWD or AOWD course.

We are 5 ⭐️ IDC   PADI  Centre which is the highest ranking any scuba operator can reach. It means that the TOP 8 package  is going to be provided with support of experience  PADI professionals taking care about each participant personally. 

The rib ( rigid - hulled inflatable boat)  Predator  7.5m length with 250 hp outboard Suzuki is the boat we use for dive trips we offer . While listed a capacity of our rib is 12 persons, Pro Dive Hydrotech limits the number of divers  up to 6 participants   just to assure comfort and space for all aboard.

The price of TOP 8 very depending of what level you are. 

  • TOP 8 cost is 300 eur Book Now
  • TOP 8 + AOWD course is 550 eur Book Now
  • TOP 8 + OWD + AOWD course is 800 eur Book Now

The package saves your money up to 20 %. 


SCUBA diving in Montenegro with us is Safe and Fun !!!