The perfect Snorkelling gadget 


SEABOB - Jet  is all-around high performance underwater scooter and perfect Snorkelling gadget. With SEABOB you can explore the surface or move through the water like a fish using various speed and exploring different depths. 


It is completely safe & beginner friendly experience. After just 5 minutes of practice you are going to be able to do 180 & 360 degree loops and you'll feel like a Pro.


Use of 2 SEABOBs we have included in all of our Boat Tour offers.

You can check them on the following links:

  • Boat Tour to the Blue Cave
  • Diving with Saints
  • 2 Islands Boat Trip


SEABOB F 5 - Rental Prices 


250 eur / day

500 eur / 3 days

1500 eur / 7 days


Included : Fast Charger 


Welcome to the Best Boat Tour experience in Montenegro