Haven’t been diving lately ? Get a SCUBA Refresher !!!

PADI Refresher program is recommended as an easy way to refresh your foundational scuba diving knowledge and skills. 

This refresher program at our 5 ⭐️ PADI IDC centre is overseen by Dragasevic Radan  PADI STAFF  Instructor  # 971432 . Here you can CHECK HIS STATUS.


Special value for this offer is that we have integrated dive trip Diving with Saints into the refresher program.  

 ReActivate program consists of:

  • Short diving knowledge update 
  • Confined water practice
  • Two boat dives ( Diving with Saints dive trip ) 


Refresher program last 4-5 hours 


To enrol in Refresher program you have to be at list PADI Open Water certified diver. 

What is Included & Refresher price




  • Use of SCUBA equipment
  • Confined water practice
  • Two boat dives ( Diving with Saints dive trip )


Refresher program price is 150 eur

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What you should bring?


  • Swimwear, sun-cream, towel 
  • Good mood and some good jokes 😁😂😁

Why you should ReActivate with us?


Because Refresher program at Pro Diving Montenegro Dive Center


  • Is overseen by highly trained and experienced PADI Professional 
  • Is integrated with dive trip Diving with Saints
  • Includes use of SCUBA equipment 
  • It is a PERSONALISED service  and conducted in small groups.
  • Has a superb value  


SCUBA diving in Montenegro with us is  Safe and Fun