• Tihanys brief history  and GPS coordinates of the wreck.
  • Recommendations, dive conditions and the price of a dive.


Tihanys brief history  and GPS coordinates of the wreck.

Austro-Hungarian steamship Tihany was built in Trieste in 1908  ( length of 45.40 meters , width 5.75 meters and a gross displacement of 204 tonnes). Basic purpose of Tihany was transportation of engine oil and coal. On 12 February 1917 Tihany got stranded due to bad weather and poor navigation. The rescue operation ended in failure and the steamship sank near Mamula Island. GPS coordinates of the wreck :  42:23:990 N/18:33:459 E.
Recommendations and dive conditions . 

The wreck of Tihany lies on sandy bottom at a depth of 40 m. Although being at the maximum depth for recreational divers this wreck is one of the most  visited dive sites in Montenegro.
•    Diving into Tihany is permitted for advanced certified divers. 
•    It is recommended to mark the dive site with a diving buoys, surface support is required.
•    Maximum depth is 40 m.
•    Water temperature varies from 12°C to 25°C.
•    Sea currents are negligible and the visibility is good ranging from 10 to 20 m.
•    It is recommended to use a wet suit 5-7 mm

What is included and what is the price of a dive?

•    Free transportation from your place of residence to the Dive Center and back (valid for Budva and Petrovac areas).
•    Boat transport.
•    Tank + weight belt.
•    Dive guide.

Price of a dive at Tihany varies between €25 and €45 and depends on the number of present divers.

Number of divers
Price of the dive


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