Become Pro Diving Montenegro member and gain access to unlimited number of dives, discount of 50% on all diving courses we offer and  free use of scuba dive gear.


SCUBA PASS (seasonal membership card) is a novelty in our offer and  through the payment conveniences  we would like to achieve three objectives:

•    We want to make scuba diving accessible to a wide audience.
•    Divers Education is our next goal. We want to teach you to dive in a responsible and fun way.
•    We want new players in Pro Diving Montenegro team. If you like to share your passion for diving , to learn new things  and to protect underwater world,  than  you are more than welcome.

SCUBA PASS  is valid from 1 May to 1 October.

Diving season last from 01.05.-01.10. During that period we organize shore and boat dives every day as well as individual and group dive courses.

montenegro diving
montenegro diving

What are the benefits of SCUBA PASS?

•    Unlimited number of dives .
•    Discount of 50% on all diving courses from our offer.
•    Unlimited and free of charge use of scuba dive gear.

How SCUBA PASS works?

By purchasing seasonal membership card you are going to  become the member of Pro Diving Montenegro Viber group. Here you'll be informed about  all planned activities.  By simply applying for a certain activity you will practically  book your dive or diving lesson.


What is included  and the price of SCUBA PASS ?

•    Unlimited number of dives for the period from 1 May to 1 October.
•    Discount of 50% on all dive courses we offer.
•    Unlimited use of SCUBA dive gear.
•    SCUBA PASS is valid for the period from 01.05.-01.10.

The price of the SCUBA  PASS is €350.

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Pro Diving Montenegro is the only internationally certified dive center in Montenegro. Diving with us is Safe and Fun.