You want to try SCUBA diving but you don't know where and how to start ??

As a beginner with none or with some previous expressions in SCUBA diving you have 2 options to start your diving adventure.

Option 1 - No previous experience in SCUBA diving but you want to try it !!!

It’s easy for non divers of all ages to try SCUBA diving for the first time without completing an entire certification course.


Discover Scuba Diving ( DSD ) is an experience you were looking for. It is an introductory SCUBA training program consists of three segments: knowledge development, confined water practice plus an open water dive. To participate in DSD you have to be at list 10 years old, be physically fit and healthy person. DSD can be done in just 2 hours.


So, Option 1  is a very short, very accessible and very valuable experience after which you can definitely make a decision to proceed with SCUBA diving or not.

Option 2 - You already have tried SCUBA, you liked it and you want to become certified.


The second option is to start you diving career directly with an Open Water Diver (OWD) course.


OWD consists of three sections: knowledge development (5 chapters), confined water practice (5 sessions) and 4 open water dives and it can be done in just 2 days.To enrol in OWD you have to be at list 10 years old, be physically fit and healthy person.


Very simple, choose Option 2 If there is no doubts about your love for diving. 

Dear Prospective SCUBA Diver


No matter what option you will choose to start your diving adventure - Congratulations! You are about to begin the most interesting, exciting and enjoyable learning experience of your life. 


SCUBA diving in Montenegro with us is  Safe and Fun